What Happened to Good Music? – An Old Fox’s Lament

Sitting in the den, listening to some vinyl. I’m older than I look on Television. I’m sure that I’m older than any of you! My tastes run to what used to be called “American Pop Music.” The style flourished in the 50’s, was almost killed in the 60’s and was finally finished off in the 70’s.

Currently listening to Julie London. Julie was incredibly beautiful, a trait that was well used on her album covers. They were even a bit risqué for the time. She also had a clear and sultry singing style that was imitated for years after, by artists as diverse as Jessica Rabbit and Michelle Pfeiffer (Fabulous Baker Boys).


This Album (Your Number Please, Liberty LRP 3130) from 1959 was not her best. I find it overproduced and can’t say I’m an André Previn fan. It’s a few years after her first and biggest hit, “Cry Me A River.” That song used to be known from her performance in “The Girl Can’t Help It” (1956). Nowadays, one has to reference the jukebox in “V for Vendetta.”

Just typing that makes me feel old, but at least Mr. V (did he have another name?) seemed to respect vinyl…and vinyl is what makes this album wonderful. When I say overproduced, I’m really thinking of a digital version. All that reverb and room sound is perfect on vinyl. Still not a Previn fan though.

Go see for yourself. You’ll only need: a turntable, the album (mono please!) and 2oz Talisker 16yo. scotch. Scratch that last if you’re under 21.

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