– A Review

I have quit snus! Today is 20 days. “What is snus?” you will ask. It’s a subtle European replacement for smoking, much more subtle than chewing tobacco and “dip.”

It’s tough to quit! May be easier than smoking. I have never smoked cigarettes so I don’t know. As hard as dropping Skoal years ago. That was unexpected. The thing about using tobacco is: your body will get as much nicotine as it can when it gets the chance. Doesn’t matter what the source is and it doesn’t matter that you “only do it once.” Your body is now fully nicotined up and your withdrawal starts again.

Why Very helpful when I was thinking about quitting. It’s mostly a bunch of folks that have quit Skoal and Copenhagen and the like, but there are a few former snus users there. Reading their stories was invaluable. I dropped in five or six times before I quit to get in the mood, and everything I read helped.

The Dark Side

My issue now is with their methods. I got signed up, although I never got an email acknowledging that. I got into a group (standard forum format) that was for people who would hit 100 days of quit in April.

I did their (extremely convoluted) roll-call method a couple of times early on, then forgot about it for a week. When I came back and did the roll-call again, I was inundated with rude comments: “you do know that roll-call is mandatory?” “What are you going to do, put a big log in there?”

Really? Drill Sergeant from crappy Marine movie? Some kind of lowlife AA methodology? Mostly, is this some kind of sausage fest for manly Alpha men?

Well, I did try to be polite, but let’s face it: I’m quit and will stay quit. Don’t need the “help” at this point. Good that it was there earlier on to get me started, but I’m well past the need for this macho crap.

YMMV. If you’re looking to quit, go there and do it.


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